Jewelry designer SJ Mackenzie creates unique and textural pieces using curated, often one of a kind, materials. Her pieces range from bold and vibrant to more subdued and subtle, but the juxtaposition of color and texture is always on her mind. She enjoys using wood, pearls, felted wool, semi-precious gemstones, sea glass, crystals, and polymer clay beads alongside metals such as silver gold and brass. She endeavors to keep her jewelry light in weight to increase each piece’s wearability and accessibility. Consistently in tune with seasonal colors and materials, her pieces are ever rotating.

“ I am interested in designing and creating jewelry that makes the wearer feel special and adorned. Every piece is designed and 100% Handmade by me in my studio. I do however collect beads and materials from around the world and love finding special items that can be incorporated into one of my designs. I am inspired a lot by nature, my global travels, and my experience with different world cultures.

Some pieces are modern tribalism, others are bohemian, while others are modern and minimalist. The changing of the seasons draws me to use different materials and different color palettes. I seek joy in my life and would like each piece to give you or the person you are buying for, some joy as well!“

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